Lapland Deluxe

Less than an hour away from Rovaniemi’s popular tourist trail lies a true oasis of calm. Lapland Deluxe is a peaceful countryside getaway that provides an escape from the daily grind and busy schedules of urban life.

The activities take place in our private peninsula, surrounded with beautiful nature and lake Vanttausjärvi. The nature activities are based on Nature Empowerment which maintain and improve human well-being and quality of life. We have a license to provide activities based on this method and we are members of Green Care Finland Association.

Traditions are cherished and respected on our estate, the animals are Finnish indigenous breeds: Finnsheep, Finnish Kainuu´s grey sheep, two cats, country chickens and a rooster. The sheep of our estate have an important role as "therapy sheep" and also as gene bank sheep. During your stay you can spend relaxing time with our sheep, we are happy to guide you.

  • Banner image of Maija - Santa's sheep

    Not all sheep are waiting to be sheared. Maija is also in a bad mood today after finishing last in the food line. Then she decides to leave...


    From 10.00