HaliPuu = a tree to hug. Trees are living beings full of energy, always ready to share it with anyone in need. A tree will always listen to you, never judging you, never rushing and never rejecting you – a tree will always support you. Hugging a tree is good for you. HaliPuu (Finnish for a hugging tree) is a family company from the little town of Levi in Finnish Lapland. We wanted to save our family forest from felling and decided to turn it into a safe place for people from around the planet. You can adopt a tree from our forest, visit us in real life or live on the Internet, or you can download our phone application and immerse yourself in the life in the Arctic. Our mission is to provide everyone a meaningful nature connection and a place to share it with like-minded people both digitally and in real life.



Muoniontie 952, Kittilä, Finland




Finnish Time
7:30 pm - 8:10 pm


30,00 €

Spirit of Trees

Trees are living entities and they know when someone needs a hug. We all need someone to listen and give us comfort… so why not a tree?

Trees have always been here for us and never tire of giving us their love, shelter and warmth. Trees can give you a lot of strength and joy. Every tree has its own spirit, every hug releases a huge amount of positive energy.

Have you ever thought about finding yourself a hugging tree? This is for you! Join us on our playful hug journey to the forest and you will never be lonely again.

  • Introduction Headline: There is a hugging tree waiting for you.
  • How to get most out of it:

    Attend in the woods on your mobile device (not necessary, but the tour can become more fun)

You need a device with a microphone and a video camera to be able to interact during the experience. Chrome browser is recommended. Test your connection and browser here

Sold out!

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