Palosaaren Poro- ja Kalastustila
Meskusvaarantie 66, 93999 Kuusamo, Finland




Finnish Time
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm


35 - 250 €

Reindeer Talk

Ever wondered what reindeer really feel? What do they think about you? Do they love pulling the sleigh? What reindeer eat for breakfast? Meet Pikkumusta, a reindeer who is living on a reindeer farm in Kuusamo.

Pikkumusta will tell you all about his reindeer friends and what a typical day is like for him in the North. You will even learn how to drive a reindeer sleigh.

Pikkumusta is a cheerful, friendly and outgoing reindeer. He can’t wait to meet you too! He might just surprise you with what he has to say.

  • Introduction Headline: A typical working day of a reindeer. In his own words.
  • How to get most out of it:
    • Rope or a string
    • Chair
    • (None of the above is necessary, but the tour can become more fun if you take them with you)
  • YouTube Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWA4RI4STdQ&t=63s

The event is ongoing.

Sold out!

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