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We are a family run husky kennel based in Rovaniemi, Lapland! In 2003 we decided to realize a dream and established Bearhillhusky in the small town of Lieksa in North Carelia. The first years were a steep learning curve and can only be described as adventurous and uncertain. At first we concentrated on longer tours in the wilds of North Carelia, but as our family grew, and our services were more and more in demand in Lapland we decided to relocate to Rovaniemi, and focus on day trips and shorter tours. Since 2012 the family has been permanently located in Rovaniemi.



Bearhill Husky Kennel
97220 Rovaniemi, Finland




Finnish Time
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


35,00 €

Kookos – fast & furry

Kookos – Fast and furry is a story about a dog called Kookos who is about to embark on his very first sled dog safari. As the other sled dogs race around Kookos has to work hard not to feel left out, but will this work? Come along on the tour to find out if Kookos finds his mojo and becomes one of the best sled dogs on the trail.

Now, little ones can discover the adventures of Kookos, a spirited husky pup who longs to join his father and the other sled dogs on their latest adventure. During this holiday season, treat your child to a new type of experience: a mix between a read-aloud story and an interactive guided tour.

  • Introduction Headline: Meet Kookos. The little husky dog that could.
  • How to get most out of it:

    Something warm to drink

    Beanie and scarf


    (None of the above is necessary, but the tour can become more fun if you take them with you)

  • YouTube Trailer:

You need a device with a microphone and a video camera to be able to interact during the experience. Chrome browser is recommended. Test your connection and browser here

Sold out!

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